Whom We Work With

About our clients

Our clients are experts at what they do, who also manage and lead others.  They are considered successful and/or high-potential, with an opportunity for development and growth in the management arena.  Our clients typically have science, medical, engineering, or mathematical backgrounds in large companies, start-ups, and academia. We have in-depth experience with physicians, scientists, engineers, academics, CFOs, and company presidents in life sciences, biopharma, biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare, high tech, higher education, and financial services and family run businesses.

Are some of these statements true for you?

  • You’re a top physician in an executive position in biotech, pharmaceutical, or healthcare delivery, but your style of leading and influencing people isn’t having the impact you’d like. You are wondering how to be more effective in your demanding leadership role.
  • You’re a leader in an academic institution, and wonder how to influence, build coalitions, and lead change across a large, complex institution.
  • You are a rising technology executive in a fast-paced, global, and very political company. How do you maneuver in that environment, keep your eye on the ball at work, and manage your career, while also staying connected to your spouse and kids?
  • You’re a CFO and great with analysis and numbers, but Board Room politics drive you crazy, and you need to learn to step up your game and get your point across without alienating people or being ignored.
  • You’re the best in your functional area, but the management and leadership role doesn’t come so easily to you and you are not getting the results you want.   You want to be as good a leader as you are in your area of functional expertise.
  • You are a division president, you promoted somebody with great talent in leadership, hoping they could be your successor, but they’re trying to do it all themselves or alienating people, stepping on toes.
  • Your Human Resources VP or direct talent and senior leadership needs comprehensive development.

  • You are the senior leader of a family-run business and want to ensure growth and sustainability.

Kinds of clients we work with

  • You are used to being the best at what you do, and bring the same drive and passion to excelling as a leader, too.
  • You enjoy learning and mastering new concepts and skills.
  • You are willing to take an unflinching look at your strengths and stuck points to discover how you need to change.
  • You are motivated to change, will do whatever it takes, and won’t give up.
  • You look forward to having a confidential sounding board to explore your concerns, so you can move forward from a confident base.
  • You are sincere about wanting to do the best you can do, and being known as a leader of honesty and integrity.  You are not interested in underhanded politics and manipulation.
  • You care about doing a good job, and having good relationships, and you are bothered that you are not as effective as you could be.

Clients are likely to be successful working with us if…

  • Even though you know you don’t have time for coaching, you are willing to set aside at least 1 hour a week because addressing these issues and improving is that important to you.
  • You are eager to get to work and excited about learning new, effective strategies.
  • You take full responsibility for your results.
  • You make time for coaching calls, short activities, and trying out new behaviors and techniques.
  • You have discretionary resources you can apply to professional development.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work.

Some of our Past or Current Clients:

Biotech/Medical Devices/Pharmaceuticals

  • AstraZeneca
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Biogen
  • Covidien/Medtronic
  • GE Health Care
  • Genzyme
  • The Medicines Companies
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals (now Takeda Oncology)
  • Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research
  • Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics
  • Schering-Plough



  • Atrius Health/Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
  • Fallon Community Health Plan
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates/Atrius Health
  • Lahey Hospital and Medical Center
  • Nemours Childrens Hospital
  • New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation
  • UMass Memorial Medical Center

Higher Education

  • Brown University
  • Bryant University
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Northeastern University


Financial Services

  • AIG/American General Insurance
  • Boston Private Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Merrill Lynch
  • State Street Bank


High Tech

  • Bluefin Robotics
  • General Electric
  • IBM
  • ICI
  • Raytheon
  • SAP North America
  • Verizon



  • Criminal Justice Institute
  • Massachusetts Department of Corrections
  • The MITRE Corporation
  • National institute of Corrections
  • Rhode Island Department of Corrections
  • United States Navy
  • Volpe, The National Transportation Center



  • CVS/Pharmacies
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MHQ
  • Ropes & Gray
  • A variety of smaller businesses
  • And more…