How We Work

On this page we’ll tell you the kind of results our clients have reported and we’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to working with clients and how we’re different from most executive coaching and leadership development companies.

Expected Results

  • When you work with us, you can expect to see desirable and sustainable results in how you lead and influence people.  You’ll learn how to shift your awareness to the impact you want to have so you can attract people to your ideas, motivate them to join you, and create and lead high performing teams.
  • You also can expect to learn how to build coalitions, influence opinions, and lead change across large, complex institutions with many independent minded stakeholders.
  • Board Room smarts, choosing how and when to get your point across in engaging ways so you don’t alienate people or get ignored, is another area of mastery you can anticipate.
  • For those on the fast track, you can anticipate developing new strategies to keep focused at work, manage your career, and still   stay connected to your spouse and kids.

Guiding Beliefs and Values

Leaders are made, not born. Anyone can develop and improve their leadership. Through our experience working with thousands of leaders, you can learn what the best leaders are doing and how to apply it to your own situation.

Change your thoughts, change your results.  If you want different results, you’ve got to change the way you think. Effective coaching will change what you need to think about differently and how to change.  Coaching helps you do that.

You can be successful politically and still keep your integrity. Many people are disgusted by corporate politics. But in fact, there are positive approaches to influencing people. And the positive approach is more sustainable.

Sometimes being smart, makes you dumb.  If you’re used to being the smartest guy or gal in the room, you start to believe that is what matters.  This isn’t true for managing and leading. In fact, it gets in the way of being an effective leader, which means bringing out the best in people.

Value of experiential learning. Trying something out and learning from it, and using coaching to reflect on your learning.  The power of peer learning. In our work, peer learning.

Our Approach

We’re above all flexible. We tailor our work to your needs, whether it’s a comprehensive leadership development program for your top 100 leaders, or several coaching sessions just for you. And we’re available when you need us to talk after hours through email, phone, or over coffee.

We’re experts, but not obnoxious know- it-alls. We’re warm, some even say we’re charming (we grew up in the South and can’t help ourselves).  

We are supportive and empathetic, but aren’t afraid to ask tough questions and push you.

Our Uniqueness

What makes us stand out is we’ve been in your shoes. We have been executives in large companies like Astra-Zeneca, Boston Scientific, Putnam Investments, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It’s our knowledge of executive leadership that enables us to quickly build credibility and gain rapport with you and all levels of your organization.

We’ve also got Ivy League credentials in management and psychology. We studied with top, leading edge professors as undergraduates in psychology at Harvard, such as David McClelland, and have an MBA in management from Yale, with a concentration in organizational behavior and finance.

We specialize in helping physician executives. Physicians are notoriously difficult to work with as clients because they think they know it all and are used to being in charge. We know how to gain their respect and confidence by being smart, accomplished and knowing our stuff cold (without being arrogant).

Our coaches are certified and experienced. We have over 20 years experience in coaching. We are certified as executive coaches by Coaches Institute International and physician coaches by Physician Coaching Institute.

We’ve been recognized by our peers. We were nominated 2013 Executive Coach of the Year by the International Coaching Federation, New England Chapter.

Now that you have a better understanding of the results you can expect from working with us, and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, go to Our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.