Client Testimonials

Here is what others have to say about their experience and results while working with us:

Rob assessed the situation and the environment, helped [me] to focus on the success of the project. He provided effective strategies to overcome obstacles and he challenged some of the personal assumptions I made that were holding me back from taking charge of the process. He helped me build the appropriate strategy for building mental maps and making sense of the task before me vis-a vis presenting a new concept to a global team.

I have grown more as a leader within my group and been empowered to lead the initiative on my own by senior leadership.

His willingness to really listen to me and candidly challenge my established thought processes.  Rob leveraged his vast experience to help me examine the assumptions I am making about next steps and my thought process regarding achieving the goal.

Rob is a master listener and operational strategist. He successfully assessed and identified the obstacles to my success and helped me overcome them.

O. A., Senior Director, Biogen


I want to publicly thank Rob Greenly for his coaching and leadership expertise that he has shared with me over the last twelve months.  He has made a huge difference for me as a physician and as a leader.

I come out of the military and from a Germanic background.  As a surgeon and the Chief of Surgery, I had been telling others what to do.  This caused some backlash with my unintentionally alienating hospital staff.  Rob coached me on tools and techniques that dramatically shifted my approach.  What I have learned from Rob has kept me out of trouble.  Moreover by using his tools and techniques I can see how I am preventing problems from occurring.

The hospital where I am Chief of Surgery is a Magnet Hospital, recognized by the American Academy of Nursing to honor those hospitals that attract and retain nurses because of the quality of their work environment.  In the spirit of teamwork, my hospital decided to recognize a physician of the year for the first time this year at the Magnet awards and celebration.  I was stunned when they announced me as their first Physician of the Year award recipient.  I immediately thought how grateful I am that I got coaching by Rob Greenly.  This recognition would never have happened without Rob’s coaching.

Because of Rob’s coaching I definitely am a better manager and leader.  Moreover, I am a better husband, father, and physician.  I am listening more and involving others in decisions.  It is very satisfying to see how positively others are responding to me now.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rob Greenly as an executive coach and leadership consultant for any physician who wants to be a more effective manager and leader.

–Eric A. Loveless, MD, Department Chair, Nemours Childrens’ Health System


I am happy to publicly thank Rob Greenly and endorse him very highly as an exceptional executive coach.  The new skills he taught me, and tools he provided, have enabled me to go through a pretty profound transformation in the last six months.  I am very grateful for this coaching as it has provided me with a new perspective on my role and an ability to better manage my often chaotic and intense work environment.  These skills frankly transcend the work environment and are relevant in a broader perspective which I also find helpful.

During the six months of our working together, Rob has done an unbelievable job of getting to know me, my Firm and its corporate culture.  As a result, Rob has been able to provide keen insights into my day-to-day role and responsibilities within that culture and environment.  More importantly, Rob was able to observe how I interacted and reacted to that environment.  His observations and advice have been invaluable to me and have enabled me to be more effective in my leadership role, in my communications, and in my interactions with both leadership and staff.  I have found Rob’s observations and advice extremely insightful and precise.  His ability to cut through much of the superfluous corporate B.S. you often find in large, matrixed organizations, and address the fundamental issues and motivations that drive the business and individuals is spot-on.

–Andrew Murray-Brown, Senior Leader, formerly of Price Waterhouse Coopers


I was the CFO on my company, being considered for a promotion to CEO [which I landed.] Rob aided me in a number of areas: creating a Personal Development Plan (PDP); creating and soliciting feedback on the results of the PDP; acting as a sounding board relative to intentional actions on developing my leadership skills at a higher level; direct coaching on the succession planning activities at the company. He gave me salient and direct input and advice on a number of topics related to the new role, and the leadership message I am delivering to peers and subordinates during my transition into that role.

Larry Goodhue, CEO, Pennichuck Corporation


[Rob helped me by] gathering feedback from my college/university [colleagues] and helping me define a plan of action, providing mentorship on leadership. It permitted me to redirect and consolidate my leadership abilities. [And] I was able to better understand the issues and react on time.

Rob has a great experience and is able to identify the real issues and knows how is best to react. [Rob’s style] was extremely effective, as he openly discusses any issue.

X. C., Dean, Northeastern University


[Since working with Rob] I have taken on some higher profile meeting management and have been able to move some important proposals through the organization while maintaining stakeholder interest and support. I have been better able to influence people in my meetings. In addition, I have developed a plan to pass along some of my job responsibilities to my staff to allow them to more fully develop in their careers.

W. K., Senior Director, Biogen


Rob helps to build skills and helps me to modify behavior based on understanding how the behavior affects others.  I tend to be too accommodating and introverted.  Rob has shown me how these qualities are risks for good leadership….He has a keen understanding of how to help an individual reach his/her fullest leadership potential. [Since working with Rob,]: I have much clearer understanding of what the problem is; I have better communication skills; I have improvement on responsiveness; better relationships in [my] department.  [My] superiors are pleased with [the] progress.

Z.G., Department Chairman, Greater Boston Medical Center


Rob taught me to pro-actively plan for regular interactions with key individuals, to have 1-on-1 pre-meetings to influence outcome of important meetings, and to act on leadership ideas rather than just thinking about them.  Rob is easy to get to know, is a good listener– reacts with advice after hearing the whole story; honest–provides both flattering and non-flattering feedback; trustworthy–keeps conversations confidential; knowledgable–draws on years of experience with specific examples.  I definitely recommend Rob as an executive coach to others.

–M. B., Senior Scientific Leader, Eisai, Inc


One of the signs of a good coach and teacher is that the coachee/student uses what they’ve learned again and again. It was over three years ago that I worked with Rob as my executive coach. Yet, just this last month I’ve mentioned my work with Rob to others at least a half-dozen times. We covered a lot of issues in our six months of coaching: leadership within organizations, importance of determining and focusing on the most important thing, pausing to get a perspective, and more.  I draw upon it all regularly. Rob helped me become a better manager and a leader….and to be happier on the home front. And he does it with a caring, yet challenging style.  If you get the chance to work with Rob, grab it!

–D. S., Senior Leader, National Life Insurance


Rob is an excellent coach, smart, experienced, interesting, perceptive, and persuasive. Using the very knowledge and techniques he is getting you to understand and learn in his own coaching. He can and does walk the talk. I can recommend highly and without reservation Rob Greenly for a broad array of coaching assignments.

–D. T., Director of IT, Brown University


Rob’s style is one of a trusted advisor: who is supportive in listening to whatever the issue may be at the time, but someone who also returns to the central points of the coaching activity.  He really helps in creating a structured program, while being very flexible in deviating from the plan in order to meet the needs of that week.  He is not shy to identify and raise the hard and central issues that need to be confronted.  Rob also has a deep chest of tools to draw from for all coaching situations.

–P. P., Senior Manager, Verizon


Rob is terrific – approachable, personable and likable. Very astute sense of where I was looking for help; deftly steered conversations and discussions in the most helpful way. He gave me a great deal of confidence – courage of conviction that my abilities and approach were fit for purpose. Pointed me to specific resources on motivations; discussed my style and gave practical advice on making sure I didn’t run into issues because of it. Coaching with Rob has been profoundly useful. I absolutely recommend him to others.

–N.H., Vice President, Discovery Oncology, Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company